Hotline Bong88 – Tổng đài hỗ trợ trực tuyến 247

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During the game, there are many people who have questions such as depositing, withdrawing money or activating an account. However, the contact may sometimes have problems, so the hotline of was born with the goal of serving the players in the best way.

Each house has a customer support number 24/24, is not an exception. Just pick up the phone and press the number and you will be answered all necessary questions. 

So what is special about our service ???

  • Staffs always take care of enthusiasm and always answer customer questions in the most detailed way.
  • Free communication fee.
  • Our team is always working 24 hours to answer all customers’ questions when needed.
  • The signal is always stable.
  • The staff is always trained and updated regularly and the latest information to serve players.

Above is some of our share on the hotline of Players are waiting any longer, please contact us for the best service.


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